Friday, August 5, 2011

Jacques Antonius Arnoldus Ansems | Rymer

Born: Eindhoven (NL) July 5, 1957.
Alias: Jacques Rymer
Currently living, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This blog is about my pathetic life as a: swindler, con man, sharper, blackleg, leg, crook, grafter, highbinder, faker, cheater, strikebreaker, charlatan, fraud, crook, trickster, cheat, slicker, fiddler, Schwindler, Betrüger, tricheur, imposteur, arnaqueur, escroc, estafador, embaucador, engañabobos, impostor, timador, tramposo, trapacero, trapacista, esquirol, chamarillero, tahúr, Oplichter, Zwendelaar

Jacques Ansems | Jac Ansems | Jack Ansems | Jacq Ansems | Jacques Antonius Arnoldus Ansems

After my last conviction in the Netherlands (June 10, 2004), I moved my practices to Australia. Since 2004 , again, I left a huge swindle trail.

I operated from the following locations in Australia: Queensland, Broken Hill (April 2004) Central coast (late 2004), Sydney (2004 / 2005), Melbourne 2006 – 2010.
I'm married to Fiona Rymer on July 5, 2008, since then I'm using her last name….. Wonder why!

A few of My swindle practice examples in Australia:
I registered Hermes Business Support late 2004 as a NSW Business Name (BN98105258). I have presented NSW business name as an Australian company Hermes Pty Ltd at false addresses and phone numbers (in Australia & overseas)
I have taken & copied many people’s personal records & corporate documents, taken personal possessions, forged documents & altered cheques.

Some of my great swindles in Europe, mainly the Netherlands:

I was sentenced in the Netherlands (Eindhoven) on June 10, 2004.
Case number: 337583, Roll number: 04/2575, Appeal: Passed.
Sentence: Payable to a private person a total amount of € 99.762,79 excluding interest.
Public announcement: Newspaper "Het Eindhovens Dagblad" on Friday November 24, 2004.
As of September 1, 2010 the indebtedness to the above verdict has exceeded € 370.000,- and increasing constantly!

Tulip European Handel GmbH & Co Sportswear KG, Tulip European Handel GmbH. 
I was invoiced by a company in Eindhoven, the Netherlands between march 11 2003 and September 10 2003 for € 22.683,85 excluding interest (as on Dec 1, 2003 € 1.830,00) and legal costs expanding € 4.359,38 so far. 
Any legal and company efforts to persuade Tulip European Handel GmbH & Co Sportswear KG, Tulip European Handel GmbH, I claimed to do business from.
As you can see, business was going well for me!

Car dealer in The Netherlands, Eindhoven area. 
Rental Car; Open invoice amount: € 7.445,49 First invoice: January, 2003, first claim to pay open amount: April, 2003.

Car dealer in The Netherlands, Eindhoven area
Rental Car; Open invoice amount: € 1.442,00. First claim to pay open amount: march, 2003.
The car dealer trick always did very well for me!

Private person in the Netherlands, Utrecht area. In December 2003 I sold the Benelux distribution rights for a clothing brand label to a private person without owning these rights. 
These distribution rights were withdrawn from me in October 2003. Open amount: a down payment of € 15.000,00

July 15, 1998, City of Helmond, The Netherlands. 
I received a personal loan from a business relation for HFL 300.000,-- (€ 136.134,--). 
I did sign a due bill for the amount to be re-paid within 2 months with a yearly interest of 10%. 
On June 11, 1999 I was summoned by a bailiff to pay his debt including interest for a total amount of HFL 360.159,37 (€ 163.433,20). 
Until today this amount is still open and as far as i'm concerned it will stay open!

November 25, 1998. I was declared bankrupt by the court in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. On March 26, 2003 this bankruptcy is abrogated due to shortcoming of financial resources.

August 1998. Kress Textil Krefeld. DM 2.000.000,-- (€ 1.000.000) swindle. 
Sentenced in Germany on March 2001 and they released me from prison end 2002.
This was my big one...!

There is a hell lot more to tell but I think this should create a good picture about myself and how well I perform as a swindler, con-man etcetc...

In Melbourne, Victoria I'm involved in the following business (click on the link for registry whois information): 


  1. I'm on facebook!

    Jacques Ansems (Jacques Rymer)


    CORTEO PTY LTD / JACQUES RYMER / JAC ANSEMS - Geelong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    [Back to our Shame file index]

    ** GOOD NEWS as at 23/9/2011 this debt has been paid, after pressure from debt collection agencies and lawyers **

    Jacques Rymer and his wife Fiona Rymer came to us in May 2011 wanting us to do some urgent illustration for their company [Corteo Pty Ltd] website []. After providing a quotation we were instructed to proceed and over the following month Jacques request several other quotes and ordered various design and digital print jobs.

    $3,120.70 of work was invoiced at the end of June 2011 on agreed terms of 14 days.

    Other new work was ordered in early July and a further $555.50 was invoiced at the end of July.

    When payment wasn't made are promised, Jacques gave a very plausible explanation as to why there was a delay but earnestly promised that the account would be paid "by the end of next week"

    While other work was proceeding Jacque then canceled the original illustration job, suggesting it wasn't quite what he was "visualising". We stopped work on that job and in fact did not [and have not yet] invoice[ed] that job.

    Meanwhile Jacques was busy ordering other work and another $1,661.00 was invoiced at the end of August making a total of $5,337.20 owing.

    Repeated requests for payment were always met with the same response . . "I'm just waiting for some funds to be deposited and you will be paid next week"

    In mid September, after further delays and non payment, I made extensive internet searches [something I should have done much earlier!!] and discovered Jacques Rymer featured in other non-payment situations [have a look at this JACQUES RYMER SWINDLER link and make you own judgment] .

    After initially being in contact with us almost daily, either by phone or in our office, Jacque suddenly became very difficult to contact. Phone messages and emails were not responded to. When we have been able to make contact, Jacques continues to promise the payment "at the end of next week.

    These are their details as we understand it . .

    Jacques Rymer

    Corteo Pty Ltd [ABN 83121052159]
    PO Box 511, Collins St West
    Melbourne, Victoria Australia 8007
    Telephone 1300 720 920, 0402 057 650
    Fax 9899 7297,

    Fiona Rymer VIC BN B1732919L

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